Drag Force Flow (DFF) Sensor

Sensors for measurement of drag force incurred by flow in mixers, pipes, and extruders using a thin pillar immersed into a fluid. Flow rate or viscosity of the fluid can be determined.

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Real Shear ™ Wall Shear Stress Sensor

Small form factor in-line sensors for viscometry and measurement of wall shear stress induced by fluids in mixers, pipes, and extruders.

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LOI (2)

LOI Optical Sensor Interrogator

Lenterra Optical Sensor Interrogator for high resolution interrogation of Fiber Bragg Grating, Whispering Gallery Mode and other optical sensors.

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LOC-F Controller

Fiber optic sensor controllers for interrogation of the micro-optical resonators that make up the sensitive elements inside RealShear™ sensors.

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