Lenterra brings many benefits not only to its clients but also to the industries it serves.


Manufacturing companies of all sizes – particularly those in the pharmaceutical industry – that rely on fluid flow are faced with one universal challenge: the need to find new and innovative ways to manage production more efficiently.

In 2012, the Food Drug Administration (FDA) categorized the pharmaceutical industry’s hesitancy to embrace innovation as “undesirable from a public health perspective.”

Lenterra offers customers an in-line, real-time PAT solution that streamlines the process by increasing overall efficiency and lowering overall production costs.

With a strong commitment to research and development, Lenterra will continue to produce new technologies customers can take advantage of.

Proven Innovator

Lenterra simplifies the processing and manufacturing process by offering customers a complete in-line, real-time fluid flow measurement system.

That offers customers a convenient single point of contact for all their fluid flow sensor needs which allows them to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

Positioned For Growth

As demand for newer, more efficient, manufacturing processes increases, someone needs to step in and meet it.

Lenterra responded by inventing the industry’s first in-line, real-time PAT sensor instrumention system.

Lenterra’s RealShear (insert trademark symbol when using RealShear) and DFF sensor technology can be employed across a diverse group of industries in addition to Pharma, including Biotech, Lubricants, Paints & Ink and those using Piping Systems.

The technology will find its way to other applications in the future.