Viscosity is a flow measurement parameter of many fluids such as liquids, semi-solids, gases and even solids.

Viscosity measurements are made to determine product quality and efficiency and are often the quickest, most accurate and reliable way to analyze some of the most important factors affecting product performance.

Finding an innovative, accurate means to identify the rheological relationships in a fluid and how they interact is essential.

Especially when you take into account the high cost of chemicals and waste disposal.

The problem is that many of the current measurement products on the market are not online. That means that for measurements to be taken and assessed, the process must be shut down.

Lenterra’s PAT solves that problem.

Lenterra’s IN-Line, real-time PAT system allows customers
to accurately monitor and control the viscosity of inks, paints and other lubricants – without interrupting the manufacturing process.

Based on reliable fluid flow sensor measurements, Lenterra’s dynamic in-line PAT not only helps produce a final product with the correct properties, but also helps increase the lifetime of the processing equipment.

Learn more about the technology behind Lenterra’s PAT and the advantages it offers Lenterra customers.