Lenterra is introducing a family of sensors for the direct measurement of wall shear stress and forces realized in the various industrial and test flows. Using micro-optical resonators as force-sensing elements, these sensors can provide critical, real-time measurements for many applications, including mixing and pipeline monitoring.

Lenterra’s Patented Shear Stress Sensor Technology


  • Direct, precision measurement of wall shear stress over a wide range of sensitivity
  • Measurement of viscosity (using known flow/mixing parameters)
  • In-line operation with no disruption of process flow
  • Fiber optic sensing – no electromagnetic interference, no ignition hazard
  • Fast measurement rate (more than 1 kHz)
  • High-temperature operation (up to 200 oC / 400 oF in available sensors, up to 1100 oC / 2000 oF in development)

Drag Force Flow sensor

When Lenterra introduced its Drag Force Flow for mixing operations applications, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) was quick to start identifying how the new technology could revolutionize its business.

With its ability to provide in-line real-time measurement of flow rate, viscosity or granularity of the flow along with a number of other metrics depending on the application, the DFF offers a cost-reducing alternative to tradition online measurement systems.

Mounted on a stationary base, the DFF pillar sensor provides visibility into processing conditions inside high-shear wet granulators – without the need to interrupt the process.

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RealShear™ Wall Shear Stress Sensors

In 2012, Lenterra introduced the first instrument capable of direct measurement of wall-shear forces – without process flow interruption.

Known as the RealShear™ sensor, it also allows operators to measure fluid viscosity changes in a mixing process using known parameters.

To provide in-line, real-time direct measurement, the RealShear™ sensor mounts flush with a pipe or vessel and measures wall shear stress, flow rate and viscosity of liquids during flowing or mixing.

The main benefit for users is that measurements can be taken without the need to disrupt the mixing process which allows for “on-the-fly” scaling up of mixing processes or mixing process adjustments as required.

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