Probe adapters are used to install DFF and RealshearTM  probes into a processing equipment, pipes, flow cells, or other vessels.

For applications where standard adapters can’t be used, we will design and fabricate a custom adapter that suits the required need.

Adapters for DFF sensors

dcxdv (1)
Probe extension
Probe extension is a stainless steel tube where an S-series DFF probe holder is affixed at one end and a fiberoptic cable secured at the other end. It effectively elongates the probe holder to a desired length. Standard length of probe extension is 30, 60, or 120 cm. (12)
Flange adapter
Flange adapter is needed for installation of DFF S-series probe through a flange port of the processing equipment, for example through the sanitary ports on a lid or a side port of GEA PharmaConnect® high shear wet granulator. Flange adapter can be used with probe extension or directly with an S-type DFF probe as shown. Different size tri-clamp flanges are available. (13)
Free standing adapter
Used primarily for installation of an S-series DFF probe through an open orifice. The base of the adapter should be firmly attached to, for example, a laboratory desk. Several typed of attachable bases are available.
plug-adapter (1)
Plug adapter
Plug adapter is for installation the probe through a flange port of the processing equipment, for example through a side port PharmaConnect high shear wet granulator.

Adapters for RealShearTM sensors (14)
Plug adapter
Plug adapter is used for installation the probe through a port of the processing equipment, so that the RealShearTM sensor flushing element is flush with the inner surface of the plug (as in the picture). Such installations are typical for side ports of mixers or reactors. (15)
Adapter to a rigid pipe
The adapter is required for installation of RealShearTM sensor through a pipe wall. Usually custom built, it includes a ring, a base plate for sealing the sensor to the pipe, and a number of washes to presizely aline the floating element with the inned surface of the pipe Picture provides a cross section of one of such adapters that used was tested by Lenterra The tube wall has a small opening for the floating element of the sensor (yellow element). (16)
Flexible T-junction
This adapter is used to monitor wall shear stress in flexible tubing, for example for monitoring wall shear stress withing the peristaltic pump head (picture on the right) or along the plastic tubing (left). (17)
Flow Cell
The flow cell forms a well predictable flow in a rectangular flow profile. The RealShearTM sensor is installed flush with the upper wall of the channel where the fully developed flow is established. The measured wall shear stress could be related to viscosity and other flow parameters using simple models.