Measurement and post-processing software LENFLOW and LENSIGHT

LENFLOW and LENSIGHT is a suite of two independent software modules included with every Lenterra Inline Rheometer package. LENFLOW is a measurement software that controls the interrogator, data acquisition and storage. In addition, LENFLOW computes flow characteristics, and presents them in real-time graphically, in comparison with reference data. LENFLOW combines features of conventional sensing software with the specific needs of the inline flow rheometry, enabling real time process monitoring and optimization.

LENSIGHT post-processing software introduces a set of tools for numerical and graphical comparison of several measurements, including calculation of principal LOI metrics, Force Pulse magnitude (FPM) and Pulse Consistency factor (PCF). The software uses various analytical tools such as fast Fourier transformation (FFT), isolation of regions of interest (ROIs), data integration and differentiation, histogram preparation, and function fitting.

Intuitive data display, graphing & data visualization and multiple data analysis tools make LENFLOW and LENSIGHT a simple and convenient tool for process characterization. Both software modules are available in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant package.

Depending on configuration, LIR consists of one or two Lenterra’s sensors (Drag Force Flow (DFF), RealShearTM or ShearRate), an LOI optical interrogator and a host computer with control, measurement and data processing software. The probe placed in a desired location within the processing equipment is connected to the interrogator via fiber-optical cable. The LIR technique is minimally invasive, works with any type of fluids or powders and has no moving parts. To install the probe into an apparatus, an adapter is required.

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Computer requirements

Windows 10, 3.5 GHz processor, 8GB RAM, 300 GB, display resolution 1920x1080