About us

Innovative Instruments

Lenterra Inc. develops innovative instrumentation for laboratory and industrial measurements of flow characteristics and for material characterization.  The company is a leader in inline rheometry and shear stress measurements. Its flagship product – Lenterra Inline Rheometer (LIR) - enables continuous and precise characterization of flowing material with no interruption of the process, eliminating any requirement for sampling, while at the same time delivering a robust data stream for automated process control. Lenterra’s instruments make it possible to transition from conventional off-line to continuous inline rheometry and viscometry.  Lenterra is a private enterprise located in the suburbs of New York City.  

Leadership Team

Valery Sheverev

President and Chief Executive Officer

Motivated and Enquiring People

Lenterra’s commitment to research has been and will continue to be the foundation for its innovative products. The company relies on the experience and qualification of its scientists and engineers who contributed to Lenterra’s intellectual property. Current portfolio of innovative instruments is a result of several years of research and development focusing on the uttermost need of modern processing industries – inline instrumentation.