LIR provides in-line, real-time flow characterization to industries and laboratories looking to improve the overall efficiency and enable scale up of their manufacturing processes. Majority of pharmaceutical, food, biologically active and other processes involving complex fluids, suspensions or powders require inline control to get a high quality product. The Lenterra Inline Rheometer (LIR) is an in-line process analytical technology (PAT) that allows real-time measurements of critical process parameters (CPP) such as viscosity in food processing or granule densification and wet mass rheology (consistency) in pharmaceutical wet granulation.
LIR consist of Drag Force Flow (DFF) probe, an LOI optical interrogator and a host computer with control, measurement and data processing software. The thin probe placed in a desired location within the processing equipment is connected to the interrogator via fiber-optical cable. The LIR technique is minimally invasive, works with any type of fluids or powders and has no moving parts. To install the probe into an apparatus, a probe adapter is required.