Lenterra Mini Mixer

Lenterra Mini Mixer

Lenterra Mini Mixer

Lenterra Mini Mixer (LMM) is a bottom driven low volume mixer intended for use primarily as a mixer in the Lenterra Shear Device.

It can also be used as an autonomous mixer for low volume liquid and powder materials.

LMM is controlled by a host computer that allows for programming of mixing cycles, varying RPM, and displaying values of rotational torque and RPM in real time. Detachable vessels are available in various volumes and shapes, and allow for quick allow for quick replacement of the agitator. The mixer includes a positioning system for precise insertion of a test probe into desired position within the vessel. When LMM is a component of Lenterra Shear Device, a Drag Force Flow (DFF) sensor is used as such a test probe. Accessories include replaceable vessel/agitator assemblies.

Lenterra Shear Device measures instantaneous shear stress and shear rate and its distribution over the mixer volume
as well as real-time torque and RPM in a mini-vessel that can be a scaled down actual processing vessel. Flow force and
shear stress measured five hundred times per second which allows for observation of detailed dynamics of the flow
(such as the effect of each mixer blade separately) and for statistical analysis. Using a small volume of material and
QbD approach, it can determine:

  • Excipient variability
  • Formulation variability
  • Processing end point
  • Critical Material Attributes (CMAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPPs)

LMM specifications

Length, cm 39
Width, cm 21
Height, cm 47.5
Weight, kg 14.2
RPM 10 - 3000
Torque measurement range, mN·m 0 - 100
Power 88 ~ 132 VAC, 60 Hz

Host computer and software

A rugged laptop is used as host computer for LMM. The device is controlled either by LENFLOW-LMM Lenterra Shear Device software or an autonomous LMM software preloaded to the laptop.

Accessories: Vessel/agitator assembly

Square vessels

Assembly 1 Assembly 2
Vessel hight, mm 47 47
Height, cm Vessel width, mm 45 45
Agitator diameter, mm 25.4 12.7
Wall thickness, mm 2.5 2.5
Material PEEK PEEK

Round vessels

Vessel hight, mm 66
Vessel diameter, mm 45
Agitator diameter, mm 16.9
Wall thickness, mm 2.5
Material CF PEEK