Lenterra Shear Device

Lenterra Shear Device (LSD)

Lenterra Shear Device is an instrument for characterization of liquid or particulate flows within a miniature mixing device. It provides a real-time in-situ measurements of flow forces and shear stress in a specific location within the vessel as well as rotational torque and RPM. Time dependence of shear rate is also reported. A standard test provides a number of metrics used for characterization of the material.

The device is a combination of a Lenterra Mini-Mixer and Lenterra Inline Rheometer where a Drag Force Flow sensor is positioned at a desired location inside the mixer using a 3D precision translation stage and an appropriate probe adapter.

Lenterra Shear Device measures instantaneous shear stress and shear rate and its distribution over the mixer volume as well as real-time torque and RPM in a mini-vessel that can be a scaled down actual processing vessel. Flow force and shear stress measured five hundred times per second which allows for observation of detailed dynamics of the flow (such as the effect of each mixer blade separately) and for statistical analysis. Using a small volume of material and QbD approach, it can determine:

  • Excipient variability
  • Formulation variability
  • Processing end point
  • Critical Material Attributes (CMAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPPs)

LMM specifications

Length 39 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 47.5 cm
Weight 14.2 kg
RPM 10-3000
Torque measurement range 0 - 100 mN·m
Power 88 ~ 132 VAC, 60 Hz

Host computer and software

A rugged laptop is used as host computer. The device is controlled by LENFLOW-LMM Lenterra Shear software preloaded to the laptop together with LENSIGHT post processing software.