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LIR characterizes powders, liquids or any other material that flows or can flow

We will help you understand flow properties of your material by measuring forces and temperature inline, inside your processing equipment, locally and instantaneously. Whether you are trying to define the process endpoint, develop a scaling formula or just want to expose a distinctive quality of a material, we can help you to find a way.

Micro-optical flow force measurement technology

Lenterra’s measurement technology relies on extreme sensitivity of optical resonators to provide a miniature and sensitive but robust and simple flow sensor with no moving parts.

DFF probe is essentially a hollow pin of a millimeter diameter with a system of optical strain gages incorporated within. Minute deflection of the pin tip is detected by the fiber-optical gauges and transmitted to the optical controller as light signal via optical fibers. Using lightwave-based measurement, the sensors are nonconductive, electrically and chemically passive, and immune to electromagnetic interference.