Drag Force Flow (DFF) Sensor A robust and reliable solution for in-line, real-time measurement of flow forces in industrial processing operations and research. Lenterra Inline Rheometer (LIR) A process analytical technology (PAT) - real-time measurement of critical process parameters (CPP) such as viscosity in food processing or granule densification and wet mass consistency in pharmaceutical wet granulation - based on a thin Drag Force Flow (DFF) probe placed within the processing equipment. RealShear™ Wall Shear Stress Sensor Lenterra’s RealShear™ sensor mounts flush with a pipe or vessel wall enabling direct measurement of wall shear stress of flowing liquids. The wall shear stress (WSS) measurement is taken without the need to disrupt the process enabling scale-up and control of blenders and mixers as well as monitoring corrosion in pipes and tanks. Process Analytical Technology: In-Line Flow Force Measurement System DFF and RealShear™ sensors provide a robust and reliable solution for process monitoring and control in rheologically complex fluids and powders. Such a Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is vital for a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, food, biotech and others. Knowledge Base DFF sensor proved to be a useful tool for high shear wet granulation monitoring. It enables differentiation between close formulations, determination of the granulation end-point and scale-up. It provides in-line real-time quality control for powder, food and other products.


Lenterra is presented at the 2019 AIChE annual meeting in Orlando: “Comparative Study of Sugar Powder Consistency Using an FT4 Powder Rheometer and Drag Force Flow (DFF) Sensor”. Details…
In new White Papers the real-time in-line response of DFF sensor is compared with at-line response of FT4 Powder Rheometer® as well as with measurement of the motor current (amperage) during high shear wet granulation, a new independent metric: Powder Consistency Factor (PCF) is introduced, and results of comparative studies of common sugar powders are presented. Details…
White Paper 8 compares DFF Sensor technology with Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM) in monitoring of a granulation cycle in a 30L PharmaConnect HSWG granulator. In another study described in White Paper 9, DFF sensor identifies optimal formulation, predicts granulation end point, and enables scale up. Details…
Freeman Technology Ltd., a partner and distributor of Lenterra’s DFF and RealShear sensors, has added an Application note on its website describing how DFF sensor is used complimentary with Freeman Technology’s FT4 Powder Rheometer®. Details…
Application Notes 1 to 7 describe DFF sensor operation, theoretical background and principles of the flow force measurements, and give examples of Lenterra Flow Force Sensor System application. Details…

Industries we serve

Lenterra’s in-line PAT sensor system provides reliable and accurate computation of the properties of rheologically complex fluid flows during the high shear wet granulation process (HSWG) – without the need to interrupt the fluid flow.

This offers pharmaceutical companies an efficient, cost-effective production process for precisely producing a wet mass with specific desired characteristics.

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In certain biotechnology processes, cell culture techniques are leveraged to produce and manufacture therapeutic proteins and antibodies.

Lenterra’s efficient and effective in-line PAT uses reliable fluid flow sensor measurement to help monitor cell growth in bioreactors, improve the throughput of protein production which reduces the cost of drug production.

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In the lubricant, paint and ink industries where most of the fluids used are non-Newtonian with varying viscosities, dynamic control of fluid viscosity is required to produce a quality finished product.

Lenterra’s in-line PAT provides reliable fluid flow sensor measurement that not only helps produce a final product with the correct properties but also increases the longevity of the processing equipment by blocking valves and presses when viscosity is not optimal.

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In the oil and gas industries, accurate fluid flow measurement plays a vital role in production optimization.

Where periodic well tests can take months to reveal production problems such as mechanical failures, water breakthroughs and casing damage, Lenterra’s sensors can provide timely, real-time flow measurements – heading off potential problems before they can become a threat to operations.

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