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Process Analytical Technology for High Shear Wet Granulation: Wet Mass Consistency Reported by In-Line Drag Flow Force Sensor Is Consistent With Powder Rheology Measured by At-Line FT4 Powder Rheometer®

J. Pharm. Sci., 105 (2016), n1, pp. 182-187 [Abstract] A.S. Narang, V. Sheverev, T. Freeman, D. Both, V. Stepaniuk, M. Delancy, D. Millington-Smith, K. Macias, G. Subramanian

Real-Time Assessment of Granule Densification in High Shear Wet Granulation and Application to Scale-up of a Placebo and a Brivanib Alaninate Formulation

J. Pharm. Sci., 104 (2015), n3, pp. 1019-1034 [Abstract] A. S. Narang, V. Sheverev, V. Stepaniuk, S. Badawy, T. Stevens, K. Macias, A. Wolf, P. Pandey, D. Bindra, and S. Varia

A micro-optical force sensor concept based on whispering gallery mode resonators,

Applied Optics, 47, 3009 (2008)*** [Abstract] [PDF] (Images from this article appeared on the journal cover.) T. Ioppolo, M. Kozhevnikov, V. Stepaniuk, M. V. Otugen, V. Sheverev

Use of Penning ionization electron spectroscopy in plasma measurements of environmental gas constituents,

Analytical Chemistry, 81, 2626 (2009) [Abstract] G. Popov, V. Stepaniuk, V. Sheverev

Ionization processes in fluorescent lamps: Evaluation of the Hg chemi-ionization rate coefficients,

Physical Review E, 71, 056404 (2005)* [Abstract] [PDF] V. A. Sheverev, N. A. Khromov, D. R. Kojiro