Other applications

Cell culture is an essential component of protein production used across the biotechnology industry. Growth of cells by division in a suitable cell culture media follows a typical S-shaped curve. For the maximum harvest of high quality desired proteins from cells, the cell growth is should be stopped at particular growth phase. Small variations in the physicochemical or environmental conditions, for example in temperature, media composition, dissolved oxygen concentration, or pH, can have profound effect on cell growth and productivity. That is why it is essential not only control such environmental parameters, but also constantly monitor cell growth. Drag Force Flow sensor can be used for in-line real-time monitoring of variations in media viscosity caused by the cell grouth and temperature as well as detecting formation of large cell conglomerates.
An ultra-high sensitivity DFF sensor can be placed inside the bioreactor in such a way that the sensor’s pillar is immersed into the media in the vicinity of agitator blades. The sensor is held in place by a support element fixed on the lid of the bioreactor. The interrogator is controlled by the host computer with software capable of recording sensor’s response and computing the values of media viscosity and temperature that is used for process control.