Pipes and channels

Pipes and channels

Accurately tracking fluid flow during a manufacturing process when materials have different states or phases ( a gas, liquid or solid) or different chemical properties within the same state or process but in the same state or phase ( liquid-liquid processes such as oil droplets in water) is critical.

Existing multiphase flow measurement tools analyze the individual phase flow rates throughout the life of the well – without separating production into individual oil, water, and gas phases.

That’s where Lenterra’s RealShear sensor makes all the difference.

An Example of The RealShear Sensor In Action

A RealShear™ sensor was used to measure the evolution of wall shear stress (WSS) in a “standing slug” experiment at the ICMT which consists of a slightly inclined pipe in which water and gas is introduced to form a stationary hydraulic lift.

The position of the standing slug can be changed by careful adjustment of the gas flow rate.

The wall shear stress was measured at the bottom of the Plexiglas 4” pipe, flush with the wall at a measurement rate of 1 kSa/s.

Initially the slug was located downstream from the sensor (during the time interval between 0 and 5 seconds), then slowly passed over the sensor (5 to 9.5 seconds), becoming completely clear of the sensor after 9.5 seconds.

A total of six independent measurements were taken, all providing similar results.

There is a clear indication of the slug influence on the WSS. Instantaneous values of WSS (turbulences) in the slug are several times higher than those observed in the regular turbulent flow (when the slug is downstream of the sensor).