Micro-optical Resonator Sensors

To say that Lenterra’s introduction of its new line of wall shear stress and force measurement sensors is an industry breakthrough is almost understatement. Perfectly suited for a wide range of industrial and test flows, Lenterra’s innovative products – using micro-optical resonators as force sensing elements – offer an in-line solution previously unavailable. Users can obtain in-line real-time measurements during a mixing or pipeline monitoring application – with the need to stop the process. The immediate benefits are reduced costs because users can eliminate the costly stop and start measurement limitation of traditional online systems and faster production with the assurance of accurate measurement Learn more.

How it works

Under direct comparison, you can immediately see the compelling benefit Leneterra’s unique, inline real-time PAT flow measurement system offers over traditional online solutions. The inline solution provides accurate, real-time measurement of flow, viscosity and wall shear stress – without the need to interrupt your process flow operation Learn more.

PAT Technology

Lenterra’s inline, real time PAT measurement system offers one essential benefit over the traditional online measurement solutions in the marketplace today. There is no need to stop your process flow to get accurate, real-time measurements. This means faster production and reduced costs because the need to interrupt your manufacturing process is eliminated Learn more.