Micro-optical sensors measuring forces in complex flows

New In-line PAT system aligns with FDA 21st century innovation vision


  • in-line measurement
  • real-time information
  • flexible sensor placement
  • no disruption to process flow
  • powders & suspensions
  • rheologically complex fluids

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Industries we serve

Lenterra’s in-line PAT sensor system provides reliable and accurate computation of the properties of rheologically complex fluid flows during the high shear wet granulation process (HSWG) – without the need to interrupt the fluid flow.

This offers pharmaceutical companies an efficient, cost-effective production process for precisely producing a wet mass with specific desired characteristics.

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In certain biotechnology processes, cell culture techniques are leveraged to produce and manufacture therapeutic proteins and antibodies.

Lenterra’s efficient and effective in-line PAT uses reliable fluid flow sensor measurement to help monitor cell growth in bioreactors, improve the throughput of protein production which reduces the cost of drug production.

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In the lubricant, paint and ink industries where most of the fluids used are non-Newtonian with varying viscosities, dynamic control of fluid viscosity is required to produce a quality finished product.

Lenterra’s in-line PAT provides reliable fluid flow sensor measurement that not only helps produce a final product with the correct properties but also increases the longevity of the processing equipment by blocking valves and presses when viscosity is not optimal.

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In the oil and gas industries, accurate fluid flow measurement plays a vital role in production optimization.

Where periodic well tests can take months to reveal production problems such as mechanical failures, water breakthroughs and casing damage, Lenterra’s sensors can provide timely, real-time flow measurements – heading off potential problems before they can become a threat to operations.

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Bristol Myers Squibb


BMS has done extensive testing of Lenterra’s Drag Flow Force Sensors (DFF) in a Shear Force Measurement Wet Granulation pilot program. The DFF sensors were used for real-time, in-line monitoring of the granule densification and wet mass consistency for a placebo and a brivanib alaninate formulation and demonstrated conclusively that the DFF can be used as a tool to identify the end point of a wet granulation process and as a parameter to enable robust formulation and process design and efficient scale-up of wet granulation processes.


US Department of Defense


Lenterra has been awarded a contract from the US Department of Defense (DoD) for a project to develop an ultra-sensitive detector for the far infrared and terahertz bands of electromagnetic radiation based on WGMtechnology. Based on the results of the Phase 1 initiative, DoD signed off on Phase 2.